Why the Top Performers in Gambling Are Successful

Today, thanks to a decade long of technological advances online, there now exists many successful companies that lead the way and are constantly improving client experience throughout the web. This pertains to all industries in general, especially the ones dedicated in providing online services. In the online gambling arena, a very competitive industry, companies are constantly striving to provide the latest technology along with excellent customer service and unmatched security in order to beat competitors and gain market share. This is true of companies of the like of Stan James, Ladbrokes, and bet365 just to name a few as other similar competitors share the same characteristics.

First of all, these major companies are all listed in stock exchanges which in turn prove positive for potential consumers shopping for an online gambling brand as these companies are constantly monitored in the financial sense as they have to submit accounting books to public auditors for regulatory compliances. This fact alone basically tells the consumer that the company is trustworthy in the market. This trust is very well respected in the industry as there have been major companies in the past and some that are still out on the web which are not transparent and take clients money without any element of fairness. These major companies are not only regulated by financial entities, but also by major gambling commissions. This is also very positive as impartial and neutral government commissions constantly make sure that these companies are exerting fairness and promoting security in all facets of the business.

Major companies such as the ones mentioned have several offers that they constantly give to their client base. The first one to mention is a link for numerous gambling programs which help the addicts such as gamble aware and others which in turn help people and clients with a gambling problem. They also offer the best odds in the market today, or at least very competitive throughout all sports. These companies also have all in one portals nowadays, and clients only need to open one account in order to place sports bets, play poker, play casino games, and even bingo and other products. They have gotten so specialized nowadays that they offer specialized bets such as corner betting (above or below 10 corners) for any specific football match.

They also have huge jackpots in numerous popular slot machines and also offer hefty poker tournaments with millions in prizes. One can literally place bets 24-7 all throughout the year, and can also access the portal from their mobile phone. Skill games and obscure sports are also being offered. Live betting is also an alternative that has recently hit the market with a very popular acceptance by consumers. These companies are also licensed in most markets, and make for security a top priority. They do not let the under age population open accounts, and have neutral arbitrage betting companies available in case a client has a dispute over a bet.

Creating Wealth Through Shariah Compliance

What is Shariah compliance and why would anyone want it?

Shariah compliance is based in Islamic finance and quite simply forbids usury or riba which is the charging of interest on a loan or riba al nasia. This compliance also prohibits gharar or excessive risk by one or more parties involved in a contract. Finally, shariah compliance disallows haram investments including pork-related investments, gambling, entertainment, war expenditures and pornography.

Shariah compliance creates an equitable, investment structure which allows for profit and prosperity while promoting ethical and moral investments not to the detriment of society.

I believe that 2011 provides an opportunity to see the forest from the trees and the grasshoppers from the ants. Several strong investment opportunities abound in the areas of the noble metals, energy, agriculture, and other arenas like biotechnology. Fortunately, commodities can be purchased in terms of the metals, energy and agricultural products and these commodity purchases, so long as they do not involve haram (ie pork bellies) or gharar (ie future contracts and options), offer an outstanding opportunity to invest wisely and to participate in a marked gain in the coming years.

In fact, the United Kingdom has recognized the opportunity present with Islamic banking and has embraced the structure.

“When it comes to Sharia-compliant banking, few Western countries can compete with Britain. One of the world’s prime financial centers, the City of London is also the key Western hub for Islamic banking. With 23 banks, nine fund managers and a number of international law firms offering Islamic finance in the City, by 2006 British Sharia-compliant assets were thought to be in the region of $22 billion. The global industry has trebled in the past decade and is now worth around $531 billion. Britain is also in the vanguard when it comes to Sharia-compliant retail banking, catering for its population of approximately three million Muslims.”

Yet Muslims seeking to invest within the United States still have the ability to secure Shariah compliant banking and investment vehicles.

“With a best-guess figure of six million Muslims in the United States of whom around 60 percent are devout (and therefore likely to use Islamic banking services), Shayesteh considers domestic Sharia-compliant banking an untapped market. ‘We (the United States) have at least 3.6 million [potential customers] at the very base level market opportunity for banks from abroad and here to tap into,’ he explained.”

The importance however is not simply to see an “untapped market,” but to understand the importance of the principles of Shariah compliance which benefit society by not taking advantage the community through debt-inducing usury.

There are other investments if one were to, for example, invest for sheer profit or gain. Shorting the dollar and investing in debt or interest ( in anticipation of rising inflation in 2011) has been called the “trade of the decade.” However, when one considers that riba forbids usury which creates indebtedness and the shorting of a currency one does not own, these investments impoverish society.

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